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We are the NO 1 dream11 team providers in the name of Dream11 Prime. We are always here to help dream11 users to earn more money with our prime teams

Why dream11team.com ( Our story)

I started playing fantasy dream11 games in 2016. In starting stage I have no idea of creating best teams and money loss gave me very disappointed but I never stopped and started to search sites that displaying dream11 teams.I got zero results.Then I started my own strategy and kept the egale eye on every match. I plotted my own graphs and strategy for every match. The earning time came.Now I love to start Prime service for those seeking for fantasy dream11 teams.

Our Team

Our team has 10 people who are experts in dream11. We do regular analyzes on teams news, important updates, etc.. We all together put our expert knowledge and create 6 dream11 teams for each match. Our Prediction is best than others so far.


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